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Oct. 25th, 2009


I love college...

I have officially been at university now for five weeks. FIVE weeks. I can hardly think about this passage of time without getting a headache. So much has happened; so many good times, so much stress, a few tears at first but ultimately... I am the happiest I have been in years, and I totally didn't see it coming.

I have finally found "my own". I don't have to conform to them, they just suit me. Fantastic music, the same sense of humour, of fashion, of attitude <3 I have so much love for this place right now, I really do. I just feel so relieved that I haven't been let down by all my expectations of uni, and what it could do for me. I was promised by so many people that sixth form would be the "time of my life" and on the whole, I had a pretty shit time over the last two years in school and social terms. I was then promised that uni would be where I would finally be happy, and whilst I was inititally very upset by this notion, when in the second week I was quite depressed and extremely homesick, I think that I've finally found my fun :)

In all honesty I see UEA in two very different ways; there is "work" at UEA, and there are "evenings" at UEA. When I think too much about lectures and seminars and all my reading, that is when I find myself most homesick. This is pretty understandable I'm sure, but things are getting better as the course progresses. Evenings and free time are just a whole other universe of fun and drink and dancing and photos and awesome music. There are so many things that to other people would seem totally insignificant to their enjoyment or appreciation of a place but here they are little things that I considered impossibilities, as if my time at uni could never contain THIS MUCH AWESOME and yet... they've actually happened; whether it's finding someone who knows all the dialogue to one of my favourite movie scenes as I do, or sitting around the kitchen table and singing our hearts out to my favourite songs that friends back home have never even heard of.

I was told that even if I was homesick at first, within a short time I would already be at a stage of "oh, btut if I hadn't come here I never would have met [so and so] or [him] or [her]" and I couldn't be happier that this is actually true. There are Amy and Alice and Jackson and Becca and Elf and Jo and .. the list goes on.

Oh UEA is wonderful...


One day, I swear, I'm going to be able to make a coherent entry about university but I just can't do that right now because there is too much to say and too much to love. I am terrified that this should ever change, but if it does I just need to be reassured thst for a brief time here I was happier than I thought I ever would be again, and that is enough.

Aug. 22nd, 2009


WTF!A level results

Yesterday I finally received my A level results. It is crazy really, that everything I have done over the last two years was leading up to those results and now.. it's all over! Overall it was an odd morning, I was woken up by my Mum at 8:30 with a cup of tea as she was eager for me to check UCAS track to see whether I was definitely in at UEA. I had been hoping to be able to check the site on my own, and then inform my parents so it was no big deal... but no. They had other ideas. So I had to log on with them sitting at the end of my bed, big smiles already in place despite what may have happened. Fortunately, the worst did not happen and on the welcome page I saw the message

Congratulations! Your place at University of East Anglia (E14) to study American and English Literature (4 years) (TQ73) has been confirmed.

And then on my choices page my course offers were now "unconditional" for both my Firm and Insurance choice. Yay!!

Now this significantly reduced any stress I had about my actual results, and so I became a little too relaxed having breakfast and watching the news. It wasn't until I heard the unmistakable sound of the STXI End Credits music coming from my phone that I realised what time it was, and sure enough my friend Sarah was calling me to ask if I was at school yet. It's times like these that I really wish I could drive, as my parents were not as on the ball as I had hoped but soon enough we were on our way.

Honestly, from then onwards it is all a bit of a blur. I mean, I was already into uni regardless of the grades and all I wanted to do was pick them up and see how I did, and whether I just really lucky and UEA were lenient (which I was so sure would be the case). Leaping out of the car as my dad pulled up by the school doors, then bounding up the stairs into the library is all I can really remember before having a teacher notice me and rifle through all the brown enevelopes in front of them to give me mine. Turning around I came face to face with my friends, and as I asked "So, what am I looking for here?" I pulled out the sheet.

The sheet I saw first was not the one with grades on.

"Well, you'll see capital letters indicating the overall grade..." I hear Sophie say.

I look for the right sheet. Turn it over.

I look at the sheet. I look at the sheet again.

"Err.. Sophie.. does this mean I got two As and a B?"


So that's that. AAB. A in English lit, A in philosophy, B in sociology.


I don't think I stopped grinning and laughing for about half an hour. I honestly don't know how that happened. I am so, so shocked that I got those grades and absolutely elated. It was a while before I actually went to tell my parents, but they were so happy and proud of me (aawww). My Mum admitted she was expecting ABC, same as my brother, so I can only imagine how happy she is.
What's funny is that she was joking with her friend as they spoke outside about how "all of that time" I was on the internet, I must have been working and they didn't know it... When we got home, I couldn't help but grin even wider as I told her that it's true, I was on the internet a lot, but I honestly wasn't working. I procrastinated. I procrastinated some more... but what she and my dad never understood, is that despite all of my procrastination, I never handed in a piece of work late. I guess all I can say is that it all worked out in the end.

I've realised recently how much I miss school already, and I really do. I especially miss philosophy. When I spoke to Mr. Fuller yesterday I told him that, actually, even if I couldn't quite thank him for giving me confidence in my own abilities again, which he did, so so much. I did want to speak to Mr. Willis really, and thank him for being such a fantastic English teacher - I mean, even if it was because of him that I turned down my offer from Exeter ("I honestly don't think you will get an A. I think a B is far more realistic.") there is no way anybody in our class could have gotten the grades they did without him. And I got fricking full marks in two English modules, including the synoptic unit which is meant to be one of the most difficult modules in any A level. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT - BUT I LIKE IT. A LOT. I guess I'll speak to him when I give back my copy of Top Girls. Mrs. Pearce was her usual sarcastic self, and as much as that annoyed me for two years I can't say that she didn't help me either - though I won't ever understand why I seemed to be one of her favourites.
Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. James can go and diaf as far as their teaching is concerned. They are nice women, certainly, but I taught myself sociology for two years because they were so incompetent at handling A level students and I am glad to be shot of the subject. Somehow I managed to get full marks on the religious sociology module and I am quite chuffed that I managed to scrape a D on criminal sociology since the essay question was on a guy I hadn't heard of. They weren't there yesterday, which perfectly echoed their teaching style.

So last night "everyone" was out. From Cuba, to Walkabout, to Revolutions to Oceana it was a really cracking evening. It really hit me whilst in Oceana how much I am going to miss all these people when I go to uni now... I almost had a moment. I also almost had a moment when Mum mentioned my Grandma as I was getting ready to go out. I have never forgotten the time when Grandma told me, in all sincerity, that I was the cleverest of my brother and cousins for my age ... I always remembered that but have felt that I have done little to uphold it, I mean Peter went to Oxford and is now out there changing the world, and Michael is a doctor and Kat a teacher and my brother getting fantastic grades all over the place...  Yesterday, I felt for the first time that I haven't let her down.

I think that's all there is to say for now. For anyone who has read this, I'm sorry if it sounds too much like I'm bragging - that is not my intention, this is just sheer, unadulterated and elated disbelief.

A month today I will be registered at UEA - bring it on.

Aug. 12th, 2009

always logical

August 11th

The fact that it is 1:23 am and I have just got in from celebrating a friends 18th birthday tells me that it is time to BLOG. The reasons why I have come to this conclusion and my opinion as to why this is noteworthy are as follows:

Why am I blogging?
1) Because I've had enough Sex on the Beach and Buttery Nipples to convince myself that what I have to say here is noteworthy

Why is this birthday celebration noteworthy?
1) The birthday girl arrived an hour late (as she tends to do)
2) The birthday girl left at 10:34 pm because her dad had to pick her up. (I may be wrong, but this kind of defeats the object of an 18th birthday celebration somewhat.)
3) It is 1:23 and I am already home.

Now, I didn't get to "go out" for my 18th because I am the oldest of my main group of friends, and I could live with that at the time as I am making up for it now when everyone else reaches the big 1-8... but this just felt like a slap in the face. For this same girl two years ago we converted my very own basement into a microcosm of Hogwarts, complete with Felix Felicis and a memorial altar for those characters slain in the final book and her reaction to the surprise party (the only surprise party I have ever been involved in) was "Oh.. this is nice." All I want is for her to get excited about something for a change, and she has been longing to be 18 since I first met her seven years ago but this more than anything proves that age is just a number and does not have the magical ability to change you as a person. The day when we get her to dance at a nightclub will truly be a magical one.
On second thought, maybe it isn't so bad that I'm home so early considering the fact that the girl we were trying to celebrate was no longer present. Hmmm.

Aside from some boyfriend-related angst (not my own, obviously) however the evening was quite fun! It is a shame that only now, so close to going to uni, I am truly reaffirming my friendships with people who I have missed so much over the past year or so but better late than never! Among other things I was able to convert my girlfriends to the glory of the ZQ bulge (they were truly hypnotised) and introduce them to an attractive fellow named Karl Urban.

Paraphrased conversation

*place phone on table*
Amy: Ohh, that's a nice photo, Kate. Who's that?
Me: That is Karl Urban
[sounds of admiration]
Amy: Hey boys - that's a good looking man right there *shows phone*
Boys: Yup, I would. For sure.

My work is done.

A few accompanying images

Table dancing: best take advantage when the bar is empty

Big smile/ugly smile, I'm trying not to care anymore.

Vulcan salute: because even when tipsy I know where my loyalties lie.

Blowjobs: Lauren had never done it the "proper way" before.
(N.B. Bartenders can make up any crazy drinking rule they want and it will be obeyed)

Admiring the bulge - I'm not even kidding.

Kate out x

Jul. 29th, 2009

always logical

Writing to nobody

Since I have become so engulfed in Star Trek fandom, aided by the ever-comforting and never-boring ontd_startrek comm, and so reacquainted myself with LJ I figure I should begin making the occasional blog over here again - even if nobody is reading it.

The point of this post is really to give me an outlet within which to squeal and flail to my heart's content over the fact that:


There are few screenings left however, but I can still go and see it tomorrow and the day after.
Looks like my Mum will be accompanying me tomorrow which will be awesome, what with her only recently confiding in me that she loved Trek as a youngun and demonstrating a considerable interest in Chris Pine's loveliness. Hoh yes - Trekkie mothers and daughters ftw!

Seriously, I freaked out when my dad told me it was showing there. I wholly believed that the Trek-train had left Plymouth weeks ago. But alas, no. It is still being shown at the Arts Centre of all places - the frigging Arts Centre! The place that prides itself on showing the most culturally high-class flicks available on film; plenty of subtitles and dramatic monologues.

That's right - Star Trek XI is so awesome that even the folks at the Arts Centre want their patrons to see it. Sure, they describe it on their website as a "definite summer guilty pleasure" (wtf? Guilty? Really?) but I see that merely as them covering themselves, should any of the regulars fail to be converted and judge them harshly for showing such common filth on their beloved (relatively small considering that it is a cinema) screen.

I think that says all that is needed to be said for now - I go to bed a contented woman tonight.

always logical

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